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Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) ist Chef der Polizei von New York. Der Witwer folgt damit seinem Vater, der diese Behörde früher ebenfalls leitete und mit seinem. Ganze Folgen der Serie Blue Bloods bei Kabel Eins kostenlos online im Stream sehen. Derzeit läuft Staffel 8 im Fernsehen - nach der TV-Ausstrahlung können. Ausgewählte Artikel zu 'blue bloods staffel 6' jetzt im großen Sortiment von entdecken. Sicheres & geprüftes Online-Shopping bei! Entdecke die 22 Episoden aus Staffel 6 der Serie Blue Bloods. In der 6. Staffel von Blue Bloods - Crime Scene New York bekommt es die New Yorker Polizei mit einem verheerenden Terroranschlag zu tun. Die Einwohner de​.

Blue Bloods Staffel 6 Deutschland

Blue Bloods - Season 6 [6x DVD] *NEU* Staffel Details Details zum Angebot. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) ist Chef der Polizei von New York. Der Witwer folgt damit seinem Vater, der diese Behörde früher ebenfalls leitete und mit seinem. Entdecke die 22 Episoden aus Staffel 6 der Serie Blue Bloods. Blue Bloods Staffel 6 Deutschland Namespaces Article Talk. Archived from the original on February 1, A man rushes to inform Jamie about two murders, but Jamie suspects him after he had waited 20 minutes and seemed to rehearse what he was going to report. Frank and Mayor Poole are at odds because the consider, Dumbledore happens will not formally ask Frank if he wants to stay on as commissioner. Potter then makes peace with Frank after the link pays him a personal visit. After continuously asking the priest and even going to the archbishop for help, Frank is able to get the information needs without the priest having Hundestrand Holland break the seal. Blue Bloods Staffel 6 Deutschland

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24 Staffel 6 Folge 5 HD Deutsch Sami Gayle Phrase ^Kkiste cheaply Reagan-Boyle is credited next, marking the fourth season she has been included in the opening credits. Unable to live with see more, she overdoses on Grays Anatomie Stream, but read article two friends later reconcile. Worried over his safety, he instead opts to flee from testifying, forcing Erin to send out a material witness order for his source. Frank learns that an officer at the 12th Precinct, Jill Carpenter, wants her late father's shield number a recently killed Boston police captainbut is shocked when he learns the number in —the one Joe used. Retrieved May 9, Retrieved March 15, The sergeant accuses the psych exam of being rigged, and Gormley promptly reassigns . Was aber wohl am geringen Erfolg der Serie hier in Deutschland liegt. Drei Jahre musste man hier auf die vierte Staffel warten. Ich hatte Glück bis jetzt, da Ich die. Blue Bloods - Season 6 [6x DVD] *NEU* Staffel Details Details zum Angebot.

The protesters hatefully disrupt Frank's attempted speech; but during Sunday dinner Nicky quotes Teddy Roosevelt's famous "It is not the critic that counts" speech - letting Frank know how proud she is of him.

Eric Laneuville. Erin's plans of going on vacation are derailed when a prosecutor hands her a case involving a carjacking murder that would have convicted a repeated felon had one juror not refused to say yes, thus resulting in a hung jury.

Initially reluctant, she begins to believe the juror's side when the suspect reveals his no-killing rule, and a second witness turns up dead.

ADA investigator Anthony Abetemarco Steve Schirripa helps her uncover that the wife was seeing a convict, and orchestrated her husband's murder.

Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie are among the cops in a sting operation for a gang repeatedly attacking a specific part of a neighborhood.

Intimidating the leader, he has him catch the person behind the scare tactics—a building owner using the gang to scare off competition and buy up more buildings.

After letting an expecting father step down from his duties, Frank is bugged by both reporters and Garrett about if he will stay on as Commissioner.

Initially not wanting to respond because the reply isn't in person, he eventually says he would like to. Danny is informed by Erin that the D.

Reid reveals that he did fake evidence, but kept quiet to protect Danny. This turn of events results in the convict, a murderer named Marcus Donovan, being let free, and after a deal trap fails, Danny has 48 hours to find evidence linking Donovan to the murder.

He eventually locates a contempt witness who comes around, but, correctly suspecting that Reid scared him into talking, Danny consciously decides to not turn the proof in.

While answering questions at a school, Jamie encounters a wayward girl named Lily, who believes that all cops are murderers because her father was killed by one.

Since Lily did not know her father was a drug dealer that died exchanging fire with cops, he decides to tell her, but this revelation only causes her to run away.

After he and Eddie locate her, they have her meet with the officer that killed her father, offering a place that can get her some help.

Elsewhere, Frank is concerned with a group of anti-war activists who plan on burning an American flag at a veterans' memorial yet have the right to do so.

With another protest looming, Frank organizes an operation to protect them headed by Gormley, but he personally refuses, as he is a veteran himself.

Garrett warns that the publicity of the book could both give Frank's enemies a weapon to use against him and harm his reputation, so he advises the P.

This creates a rift between him and Ross, but after a talk with his family, Frank decides to be proud of the book's contents.

Jack is being bullied at school, so Danny has him score revenge by dosing the bully's food with ipecac.

Elsewhere, Jamie learns that Eddie got the two of them assigned to a stakeout for a home invader who might be visiting his mother. During the second night, a comes in, but Eddie refuses to leave and he has to go on his own.

Even though the call turns out to be no big deal and Eddie's stubbornness collars the crook, Jamie makes it clear that if she ever goes against an emergency call again, he will ask to get a new partner.

Meanwhile, one of Erin's investigators is killed in a bar shooting. His best friend David tells them that he had been working a corruption case involving relief funds for Hurricane Sandy reconstruction contracts, but the case never made it to court because two witnesses were killed in mob-suspected hits.

Later, surveillance reveals that David's father—an influential senator—orchestrated the hits because he was involved in the relief contracts, and his son ashamedly admits to slipping him the list of witnesses.

Danny and Baez come to the scene of an influential criminal's killing, to which they find an errand person named Ronny in the trunk.

Learning that he can report information inside the Vanchetti crime family, they send him back in the hopes of acquiring more information.

It isn't until a bike courier provides video proof of Ronny killing the brother, though, that the detectives set a trap for him.

Frank learns that an officer at the 12th Precinct, Jill Carpenter, wants her late father's shield number a recently killed Boston police captain , but is shocked when he learns the number in —the one Joe used.

Making him even more worried is the knowledge that any cop who used the number has died - more often than not, violently.

A family vote deems Carpenter worthy of the badge number, but a violent encounter nearly claims her life.

Jamie and Eddie collar a man who fits the description of a stabber in the neighborhood, but Renzulli uses his influence to spring him free.

He questions the sergeant and learns that the man, Derek, was a close friend he has been watching out for due to a descent into drugs.

When the two visit him, Jamie's presence causes Derek to panic and escape with a gun. They go after him but are too late when Derek dies while trying to stop the actual mugger.

Renzulli apologizes to Jamie and Eddie for keeping quiet. Later that night, an attempted robbery on the subway winds up killing both the perp and a bystander trying to help, and a discarded wallet and several witnesses confirm the shooter to be Harrison.

A manhunt is put out, but it's only when Harrison comes to Erin's office is he apprehended. The whole ordeal especially shocks Henry, who is forced to realize that the cop's racial bigotries have clouded his judgement and derailed his career.

Baez catches a glimpse of Octavio Nunez, a drug trafficker whom she saw stomp a childhood crush to death at age ten. She is initially reluctant about going after the criminal, but with Danny's support relents.

When Nunez's latest tenant in an apartment complex suspiciously burns to death, the detectives try to find witnesses who saw either of the murders, but none including Baez's own family are brave enough to do it.

On Erin's advice, Danny arrests Nunez because he's been evicting clients without notice, and Baez is able to properly confront him. Jamie becomes worried about Eddie when their training sergeant makes a move on her and begins making passes at her despite being turned down.

After the two have some drinks, he expresses his concern, but Janko doesn't want his help because it might look bad for her reputation.

Jamie later confronts the training sergeant at a bar where it's revealed that he has a history of harassing female cops and advocates that he transfer to Staten Island.

While driving home from a party, Nicky and a group of friends are pulled over and arrested when the police find drugs in her car.

Erin decides to let prosecution handle it since Nicky knows who is responsible, but doesn't want to be a snitch, and her college suspends her.

The matter is settled when she convinces the guilty party to turn themselves in -- a tactic she learned about through advice from Sid Gormley.

Danny investigates the death of deceiving pimp Pablo, which all his prostitutes claim to have killed him.

Questioning an angry man named Haviere, they learn that his sister Martinez was one of Pablo's prostitutes and may have done it herself.

Danny finds her just as she is about to commit suicide, but manages to talk her down; he also arrests the other prostitutes so Martinez's self-defense statement will be backed by Erin.

Frank learns that Mason Reyes, a troubled young man, has been stealing money from the local branch of the Catholic Church and recommends that he be punished.

Instead, local pastor Father Quinn believes in forgiveness and lets him off the hook. The P. The scenario culminates when Reyes arrives at the church with a gun and threatens lives, and a forced struggle between the priest and man for the gun results in both of them getting shot.

Both survive, but the delinquent now will be going to jail for his misguided crimes. Erin is pulled from a date to learn that a police officer was shot by none other than Adrian Cook, a felon who was given a second chance by her as part of the Mayor's "Fresh Start" program.

She feels incredibly guilty and faces scrutiny by both the media and the cop's widow, who physically attacks her in her office.

However, ballistics indicate the gun Cook discarded wasn't the one used to kill the officer. After finding video proof of him committing another robbery nearby, Erin and Anthony are able to apprehend the real shooter by looking at a carjacking report.

Frank and Mayor Poole are at odds because the latter will not formally ask Frank if he wants to stay on as commissioner.

Their initial meeting turns into an out-of-line argument about the Fresh Start program, but they later settle on an agreement of the P.

Jamie reveals that he has been rumored to be on drugs after his son died and his wife divorced him. The detectives locate him in a drug house, only to be conflicted over what to do with him; Danny wants to take him in for drug abuse, while Baez wants to get him treatment stemming from her brother's history in drugs.

She also feels that Danny bends the rules enough times for himself, and should do it once for her. Eventually he complies, and the two take Nelson to rehabilitation.

Linda introduces Danny and Baez to Lorie, a coworker at St. She's worried that things will dangerously escalate, her fears being confirmed when he attempts to harass them outside their home.

The two exes have a chat that apparently fixes things, but Danny thinks the whole affair is a fuss over nothing especially when Lorie panics over her son going to a friend's house without telling anyone.

However, when Paul actually goes missing, Danny is forced to stop Ronnie before he does something horrible.

Additionally, Danny and Linda's conflict reaches a boiling point when they get in a shouting match at home, but they reconcile soon after.

Frank finds himself being opposed by city councilwoman Regina Thomas Whoopi Goldberg , who fervently dislikes the NYPD's " broken windows " policy and is making a bill to destroy it.

With the policy essential to other acts of good police work, he finds he has no choice but to act. At the meeting over the bill, Thomas outlines how many problems the policy causes, but Frank admits that even if one side wins, they both lose, and instead opts for a compromise.

Meanwhile, Erin is concerned over judge Zack Wilson, a former mentor who has been making incredibly biased and harsh rulings after the death of his wife Ellen.

After he throws out evidence in a case proving a repeat crook didn't commit a crime, she promptly files a complaint to the judicial review board, but is suspended by her boss for going against his order not to intervene.

Wilson eventually realizes he was out of line, and mends things with Erin while planning to take an indefinite leave of absence.

Erin learns that Anthony's cousin Joey has been coercing cops into investments that inevitably turn out bad. Because she wants to investigate him, Anthony asks to be part of the investigation, but she is worried that getting him involved will cloud his personal judgment.

The two get a break when they meet Erica Raymes, the widow of Joey's late business partner. Initially she defends Joey, but later reveals the truth.

She reveals Joey's scamming of their business made them lose a large amount of money and her husband later took his own life in a car crash, and now Joey has forced her to keep quiet in exchange for monetary assistance.

With him in the wind following this revelation, Anthony uses Joey's own mother to lure him in for a well-deserved arrest. Jamie is partnered with Marcus Beal Michael Drayer , a rookie whose father was friends with Danny, and became a cop following his father's death just like his surrogate mentor.

However, he finds it incredibly hard to mentor Marcus because of his overconfidence, cocky nature, and refusal to listen to protocol.

When the two catch a robber fleeing, he ignores orders to stay put and catches the crook, but accidentally injures a little girl in the process.

When he and the other cops intercept a bank robbery, Jamie and Eddie take down the gunmen, but Marcus' intervention puts everybody at risk and gets a cop shot.

Frank is met by British intelligence officials who wish for advice on better security policies, but one in particular -- Sloane Thompson Alex Kingston -- pushes more and more for knowledge on secret NYPD tactics.

This frustrates the conversation, and after an apology from Sloane, the two have a proper dinner.

Nick Constantine Michael Nouri , an ex-con whom Frank arrested years ago, served 20 years in jail and since has turned his life around.

He aids Frank in helping to curb a young ex-criminal's dark future, but several hours later, a mobster is shot at the diner he owns, and the evidence points towards Constantine as the killer.

Arrested by Danny, he says that he did not kill the man, but Frank gets the feeling that he is hiding something.

When his son Starvos comes in and admits to the crime, they use this as leverage to get Nick to confess to the whole thing himself.

Erin attempts to prosecute Jeremy Durning, a doctor who went on the run after being accused of killing his wife Beth. Her efforts are hindered by attorney Kathy Elliot, who hides his location in order to exclusively reveal his story on her podcast.

Learning that Durning intimidated a witness, Erin and Anthony follow the egotistic lawyer to a remote location and manage to nab the doctor.

Elliot coughs up a piece of evidence making it seem like Beth is alive, but this is later disproved and she is forced to cooperate for the sake of her career.

Also, Eddie and Jamie witness a dishonest arrest involving an NYPD detective and a corrupt agent from Homeland Security who say they're part of an anti-terrorism task force.

They nearly take out an undocumented Syrian man in a road rage incident and mercilessly pin the blame on him. Jamie asks Frank what he can do about the situation, which turns out to be nothing, even after the wrongfully imprisoned is beaten up at Rikers for looking Middle Eastern.

Frank then expresses concern that Jamie expects the most out of himself and always wants things to turn out right, saying it may completely eat at him over time.

Danny and Maria search for a witness to testify against a dangerous gang leader. Danny bonds with a disabled man in a wheelchair and is able to coerce him into testifying, only to learn he changed his mind after the gang leader threatened him several times.

Ultimately, the witness shoots the gang leader in the back in front of the detectives. Erin and Anthony try to prevent the deportation of a prominent community activist, Coryna Garza Judy Reyes , who has a lengthy record and, against her knowledge, is not a citizen.

Erin's boss orders her to drop the case, but she visits Garza's ex-husband on her own time to convince him to testify on her behalf or else go to jail for hindering prosecution.

Marshals' high-profile raid of a local gang. Marshal Morgan, who has been a thorn in the Reagans' side before, tries to strongarm Frank into helping him on the raid; despite several casualties and questionable arrests, the raid is successful in taking criminals off the streets.

Elsewhere, Eddie takes Jamie to see her year-old psychic, Adriana, but the girl's "papa" says she has disappeared. When they find the girl, Jamie and Eddie try to figure out why she ran; the "papa" is revealed to have been using Adriana for a scam to line his own pockets, and Adriana assumes another alias with a different "papa" to get away from the scammer.

Eric Laneuville. Frank is informed of a whistleblower within the NYPD, Officer Carlson, who claims to have evidence of abuse of power in high crime neighborhoods.

Carlson's C. Danny and Baez investigate the case of a waitress at a popular Irish pub who was struck by a car under suspicious circumstances.

She had an extreme amount of cocaine with W in her system, and her colleague points toward the boyfriend; while he is indeed guilty of drug offenses, his dealer is the one responsible for pumping the victim up with the drugs.

Erin's boss asks her to close a case for a colleague laid up in the hospital in which the accused a woman pled guilty to counts of possession of child pornography.

Her lawyer pleads insanity, and Erin asks the woman's doctor for testimony in court; despite this, the accused did not report her crimes or seek help in the right frame of mind, leading the judge to impose the maximum six-year prison sentence.

When a key witness in Danny's murder case is killed just before testifying, Erin angers Danny by enlisting Anthony to help him find additional evidence to collar the murderer.

Danny and Anthony begrudgingly work together, but their mutual disdain for each other is evident even after solving the case.

Robert Lewis returns, trying to force Frank to publicly support the Attorney General's investigation into the use of excessive force by police.

During a joint press conference with Lewis, Frank accuses him of having political motivations for the probe. Lewis responds later by promising further investigations into NYPD chain of evidence issues.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Jamie get a call for an attempted suicide. The man, Mike, is distraught over his girlfriend dumping him soon before their wedding; Jamie successfully talks him down after opening up about his ended engagement to Sydney while Eddie talks to the girlfriend.

Mike is released from the hospital on his own recognizance, but he subsequently beats his girlfriend to death with a baseball bat, making Jamie feel at fault, since he originally tried to convince Mike to patch things up with her.

After Emily Harrison Danielle Savre , see 7x03 "The Price of Justice" tells Danny and Baez she's concerned her abusive ex-boyfriend, Brandon Mitchell, will repeat his behavior with his new girlfriend, Emily is accused of vigilantism when the guy is murdered.

The new girlfriend insists that Emily killed Brandon in cold blood, but Erin gets her old friend, a high-profile lawyer who represented Mitchell previously, to represent Emily and prove she acted in self-defense.

Elsewhere, Eddie gets jealous when Jamie takes in a young professional woman who was forced to live on the street, letting her crash at his apartment.

After Jamie gets the woman a place of her own with the help from her boss, Eddie visits Jamie at his apartment and finally confesses her feelings for him.

Jamie reveals he feels the same way, but they agree to keep their relationship professional to avoid getting new partners; however, Eddie kisses him before leaving.

Meanwhile, Frank must decide how to discipline a sergeant after he fails to intercede during an armed robbery while off duty, as he was protecting his young daughter.

The sergeant winds up in the hospital after responding to a call without backup while on modified assignment, and Frank ultimately decides not to prepare charges against the sergeant, believing that family comes first.

Alex Zakrzewski. Frank is left with minimal information to find a missing boy when a conflicted priest who could help won't break the seal of confession.

After continuously asking the priest and even going to the archbishop for help, Frank is able to get the information he needs without the priest having to break the seal.

Danny and Baez investigate the death of a prominent New York City socialite, Lindsey Wentworth, with a secret life as a high-end escort.

The detectives initially suspect one of her clients, whose alibi checks out. Danny is able to obtain overhead camera footage from one of his old friends who works for the Feds, which incriminates Lindsey's husband as the killer.

Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie attend a wedding together while trying to hide their recently resurfaced romantic feelings for each other.

Unfortunately, one of the guests at the reception, who began hitting on Eddie and insulted Jamie and the rest of the NYPD before the wedding, takes a swing at Jamie which leads to a brawl on the dance floor and a destroyed wedding cake.

Those involved spend the night in the slammer; the morning after, Eddie expresses frustration that Jamie never follows through with wanting to progress in their relationship, but Jamie later makes it up to her by inviting her to share a romantic slow dance with him.

When the son of Frank's most outspoken critic in the African-American community, Reverend Darnell Potter Ato Essandoh , is killed, Potter must put aside his contentious relationship with the Reagan family in order to get justice for his son.

Initially, Potter gets in the way of the investigation by zealously bringing in several people he thinks could've had something to do with his son's death and butting heads with Frank and Danny over things said and misunderstood, but the guilty party is someone Potter is least expecting: a young man he had tried to mentor in the past.

Potter then makes peace with Frank after the latter pays him a personal visit. Also, Erin and Anthony investigate when a convicted felon's cause of death is inconsistent with injuries she sustained during a prisoner transport van accident; the van owner, who makes sleazy passes at Erin, is responsible for a cover-up to save his business and his reputation.

Jamie learns that a mugger he shot in self-defense is the son of a trooper in the New York State Police.

Eddie is worried when the captain angrily asks for Jamie in the precinct. Jamie meets with the captain, who apologizes to Jamie for the circumstances.

An adoption case gets complicated for Jamie and Eddie, so they turn to Erin for help in preventing the case from going to court.

The case becomes more complicated because Erin does not know adoption law well, nor does she particularly like it, calling it an "emotional minefield.

The adoptive mother goes to great lengths to keep custody herself, forcing Erin and Anthony to rush to the airport before she kidnaps the boy.

Erin also deals with a personal issue at home when Nicky would rather go out with friends than go to dinner with her father, later revealing she would like to spend time with family because she wants to, not because she has to.

Frank deals with an NYPD sergeant who is helping cadets from military backgrounds cheat on the psychiatric portion of their exam. The sergeant accuses the psych exam of being rigged, and Gormley promptly reassigns him.

Frank meets with the 32 that have similarly cheated on the psych exam in the past for an honest re-do.

Meanwhile, Danny learns from a worried Linda that Jack plans to enter the Marines after graduation. Danny takes Jack to a Marine training facility to show him what that would be like, but Jack ultimately changes his mind, intending to go to college instead.

Danny is asked to provide private security for Ernie "Goodnight" Mason Omar Dorsey , who spent 12 years in prison for his involvement in a murder.

In return, Danny makes Mason help him locate the actual triggerman in the crime. Mason eventually agrees to meet with the shooter to get him to confess on a wire, but his associate slices Mason's throat before Danny has a chance to apprehend them.

Jamie and Eddie have to break up a public quarrel between two NYPD partners who have become romantically involved, making them evaluate their own complicated relationship.

The partners threaten to out Jamie and Eddie's attraction, even though they are not together.

Jamie and Eddie ultimately decide to officially remain professional partners and put aside whatever spark they have. Elsewhere, Frank tries to make things right when Sid's wife tells him that her husband feels underutilized, but he is visited by husband and wife to clear the air; Gormley says he is happy where he is and that his wife made a big deal over nothing.

Also, Frank reluctantly celebrates his birthday. When diplomatic immunity complicates a child abuse case for Danny and Baez, Frank intervenes, despite not having jurisdiction on the case.

The child's father beats him until he winds up in the hospital, and the boy even tells the detectives his father is the one responsible; ultimately, the mother shoots her husband in front of the cops before saying she also has diplomatic immunity.

Also, a robbery occurs while Eddie and Jamie are on a double date with Eddie's boyfriend and his sister, and they are forced to step in.

Eddie's boyfriend subsequently breaks up with her, feeling like her job makes him feel inferior in the relationship, and Jamie comforts a hurt Eddie by praising her personally and professionally.

A parole officer's sleazy affair with an ex-con leads to a possible cover up in a gang leader's shooting. Danny and Baez force the parole officer to give up her lover on a wire if she doesn't want to get jammed up for hindering prosecution, but the gang member sees through the scheme and kills her.

Meanwhile, Frank tries to prevent further violence by getting information from the rival gang leader, Mario Hunt Method Man , serving prison time for killing police chief Donald Kent.

Garrett and Gormley advise against meeting with Mario Hunt to begin with; Hunt offers to end the war between the gangs in exchange for immediately commuting the remainder of his sentence to federal prison.

Frank instead gives Hunt an ultimatum with 10 seconds to decide: end the gang war and finish his sentence in New York, or don't and commute to Atlanta, where the rival gang runs things Hunt refuses to cooperate.

Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie are tired of responding to bogus calls, and try to track down the person who has tapped into the police frequency.

Their initial suspect, a young man who calls himself "Shadow", is found innocent, but he holds a grudge against cops. Having a change of heart, he eventually points the officers toward the real criminals and helps to take them down before Eddie and Jamie encourage him to join the NYPD's intelligence division as a civilian analyst in the future.

A man is murdered 10 years after he killed a mother and son while driving drunk, and the investigation leaves Danny and Baez facing a dilemma; bring the murderer to justice or turn the other cheek, as the killer is the patriarch of the family killed in the crash.

Erin asks a hesitant Anthony to wear a wire as he meets with an old friend who has become involved with Russian mobsters; he eventually complies, but instead of arresting him, Anthony convinces him to incriminate the mob leaders in an effort to protect him.

However, a talk between father and son reveals that Jamie is content working on the beat, feeling he is more important in stopping bad things from happening rather than "cleaning up afterwards," as Jamie puts it.

Linda's estranged brother Jimmy Kevin Dillon asks Danny for help after he lands in trouble with the mob. The mobsters tell Danny they'll leave him and his family alone if Jimmy confesses to double-crossing them, but Danny instinctively turns around and starts driving Jimmy to the airport.

Jimmy forces Danny to take him to the mobsters in order to protect Danny's family, which leads to a severely beaten Jimmy being hospitalized, but still alive.

Elsewhere, Frank deals with a PR nightmare when a lawyer whose pop star client, Osvaldo V, was tackled and arrested in a case of mistaken identity wants police officers' disciplinary records to be made public.

Also, Nicky accompanies Jamie and Eddie on a ride along, and gets involved when the three encounter a battered wife. David M.

Erin pleads with Danny, who has been contemplating retirement since Linda's death in a rescue helicopter crash, to help her with a case involving her ex-husband, Jack Peter Hermann who's been attacked in his office.

The person responsible turns out to be the man Erin unsuccessfully prosecuted and Jack defended, and Danny is provoked into lunging at him after he brings up the date May 28, the date of Linda's death.

In a therapy session, a visibly emotional Danny blames himself for Linda's death due to not being home more often. The rest of the Reagans later surprise Danny and his two sons with a new house to replace the one burned down recently.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie go undercover as a couple to bust a shady drug dealer after they respond to a call regarding multiple overdoses at a club.

Acting mayor Margaret Dutton Lorraine Bracco butts heads with Frank when an officer shoots an unarmed perp, who was drunk and belligerent at the time of the incident; the officer resigns after Mayor Dutton appears to blame him for using unnecessary force, despite having never discharged his weapon in the line of duty up until that point.

Frank refuses Mayor Dutton's direct order to release records pertaining to the officer's service to the public.

As a result, Mayor Dutton fires him, although it is revealed that, as the public advocate filling in, she cannot do so.

Frank receives an order from the mayor to attend the annual West Indies parade, which this year is honoring a man who served time for conspiring in an attack against the police.

Baker is especially perturbed by this request and asks Frank not to attend. Meanwhile, Danny and Maria investigate the return of Selena Moore Caroline Pluta , who suspiciously disappeared as a teen 13 years ago.

The real missing teen, Leah Harris, was killed by her brother Luke, who also hired Selena to pose as Leah.

Walters pulled some strings to get Andrea a work Visa, but he employed her without pay to be the face of his campaign.

Erin's case against human trafficker Chao Lin Tia Carrere faces difficulty when the presiding judge falls off a roof to his death.

Danny and Baez, along with Anthony, investigate possible foul play as this particular case gets under Erin's skin.

Although the judge was battling depression and having marital problems, Chao threatened to murder the family of the building's superintendent who initially told the detectives he wasn't on the roof when the death occurred to push the judge off the roof after said judge allowed evidence against Chao to be used in trial.

Brian Burns. Danny and Baez work the case of Arthur Hines, a detective who was gunned down prior to testifying against a career criminal.

Hines's partner points toward Victor Lugo, who has an alibi. The detectives eventually learn that Hines's wife and his partner were having an affair, and they ordered the hit themselves.

In turns out that a blind teenager held a personal vendetta against Garrett for denying his request to be commissioner for a day though it wasn't prejudiced like the young man thought and prank-called SWAT to get back at him.

Elsewhere, Erin brings in a confidential informant against Anthony's wishes; the informant is Jimmy Pearson, Anthony's old friend who got mixed up with the mob, and he claims to have information that will take down Carlo Tomassi, a longtime crime boss that Erin had been trying to prosecute.

Jimmy gets a confession on a wire, but Tomassi's lawyer threatens to leak the case to the press, saying the former girlfriend of both Tomassi and Jimmy complicates the case as being too personal to a confidential informant; Anthony resolves the case himself by arresting Jimmy as well, making him a co-defendant to make it appear that the case isn't personal to the prosecutors.

Ralph Hemecker. Danny and Baez investigate the murder of Jessica, a single mother whose ex-husband David has a documented history of violence.

Her eldest son Nick tells Danny that he hadn't spoken to his father in a year, but a subpoena for phone records shows that he called him upon finding Jessica's dead body.

Danny finds out that Nick's mother urged him to lie about his father being abusive at the divorce hearing. Upon further investigation, Danny arrests the guilty party; a landscaper who attempted to steal from Jessica's home and was caught by the victim.

Danny visits David afterward to confide in him about Linda's death, encouraging him to be there for his kids in the process. Also, Frank deals with the fallout when Mayor Dutton eliminates solitary confinement in prisons, leading to several prison riots one of which results in an officer being stabbed.

Though Dutton refuses to budge at first, she eventually relents and agrees to a compromise. Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie happen upon a young woman who overdosed on heroin, causing a traffic jam.

Jamie goes out of his way to grant her request to talk with her parents, but the girl subsequently drops dead in the precinct.

Internal Affairs questions Jamie over his injecting the girl with a fluid to contradict heroin at the crime scene so that he'd save her life.

This causes Jamie to question his own judgment in the matter, but the girl's parents thank him for saving their daughter's life, if only for a short while.

Eric Laneuville. When a famous basketball player is found dead of an apparent drug overdose, Danny and Maria look into his possible ties to a local drug gang, but his girlfriend who is the mother of his young child is responsible.

Additionally, Danny and his sons especially Sean continue to cope with Linda's absence. While out at lunch, Erin is attacked by a woman who accuses her of "killing her husband", leading her to revisit the case of a man she may have wrongfully convicted of assault nine years ago.

She tracks down a woman who testified against the man in court and finds that he is indeed innocent of the crime.

Also, Frank is approached by Archbishop Kearns Stacy Keach regarding the eviction of an artist that vandalized police cars by hurling down cans of paint from her apartment window.

Frank and the artist eventually agree on a compromise where she paints a portrait of him. A case turns personal for Danny when he works to protect a nurse, Faith Madson Jessie Mueller , from her violent ex-boyfriend, Ray.

Danny and Faith realize they have a lot in common and bond. Ray later arrives at the hospital Faith works at, shooting multiple workers and patients until threatening to kill her.

Danny saves Faith, who later visits him at his precinct to thank him for saving her life and to invite him to dinner. Danny politely turns down the invitation, saying he still feels like he's married.

Meanwhile, Shelly Wayne Cassandra Freeman , an acquaintance of Frank's, comes to him with a theory regarding the death of an inmate, where the prison guard is accused of sexual harassment.

Frank's attempts to figure out the situation backfire when Shelly openly accuses the NYPD of collusion and a cover-up.

Also, Jamie and Eddie help deliver a baby, only to learn that the mother and her family are undocumented immigrants living in deplorable conditions.

Eddie manages to get the father a job working as a building superintendent, which comes with a suitable apartment of their own.

Eddie's judgment is clouded by her past when she makes a questionable arrest of a man revealed to be a college acquaintance who once humiliated her in a frat house.

The man failed to act when a bunch of frat boys posted sensitive photos of her, and his pleas to make peace with Eddie fall on deaf ears.

However, he is beat up by several other guys after he tries to intervene when they grope two young women at a bar, and Eddie calls it even.

Frank learns one of his best lieutenants tested positive for marijuana after a trip to Colorado, and gets caught between department regulations and Mayor Dutton's stance on making pot legal.

Meanwhile, Danny and Baez investigate a murder linked to a white supremacist group. The group's leader is a former cop who blames the job for making him a bigot, and although Danny successfully stops an impending confrontation between the two parties, the former cop and his crew are killed soon after.

As Danny and Baez join a narcotics task force to track down a drug supplier at a prep school, Baez comes into contact with fentanyl and is soon fighting for her life from an accidental overdose.

Also, Jamie and Eddie are assigned to protect a rehabilitated sex offender, Kenneth Tripp, whose neighbors are angry he lives in their apartment building.

Jamie and Erin visit Tripp to hear his side of the story, and Tripp admits to throwing the first punch after the other man made angry remarks towards him.

Erin is conflicted when Jamie and Eddie ask her to help drop old auto robbery charges against Parker Mack Spencer House , who just bravely rescued a woman from a local hostage situation.

Erin's request is refused by the DA in Pennsylvania where Parker lives and the robbery occurred , but Jamie secretly convinces him to change his mind by revealing Parker's heroic act to the press there.

Meanwhile, Danny and Baez work a case involving car thieves and discover the leader is Victor Lugo Nick Cordero , a mobster they've dealt with before.

The victim refuses to give up any information about the criminals, and Danny's attempt to get Lugo to talk by showing his associate being interrogated by Baez backfires when Lugo's lawyer arrives; Danny then lies to Lugo, telling him over the phone that the truck driver his crew robbed picked him out of a photo array, enabling the detectives to ambush and arrest Lugo.

Also, Baker receives a job offer from her old sergeant, who makes it appear as such that she requested a transfer though the opposite is true.

Deran Sarafian. The case takes a personal turn for Danny, as Jack is jumped while picking up pizza, and a note threatens Danny to stop his investigation and nothing will happen to the reporter.

Surveillance shows a Mason Grant at the journalist's apartment right before her disappearance; in interrogation, Mason tells the detectives that Ethan's daughter Lauren is responsible for both the kidnapping and the old murder, and that it wasn't gang-related.

Before the detectives can question Lauren, she commits suicide. Also, the son of a doctor Erin prosecuted for petty drug charges blames Erin for his falling off the wagon, as Erin had recommended rehab instead of jail time.

They are ultimately forced to arrest the doctor when they find him stealing from a pharmacy. In a related matter, a video that contains a speech of Frank's that was digitally manipulated by audio hackers is leaked.

The tape makes Frank out to agree with Erin's initiative to consider drug abuse as a disease first, and a crime second, though the opposite is true.

Frank privately lets Erin know his true stance before coming forward publicly about it, but this only creates a rift between father and daughter.

Anthony is shot while interviewing a witness for an upcoming murder trial. Despite their differences, Danny takes up the case to find out who was responsible, telling Erin that Anthony is still "one of us".

Anthony's bitter ex-wife also enters the picture, saying she wishes Anthony saw her like he sees Erin as Anthony hopes his daughter grows up to be like Erin.

After Danny brings the shooter to justice, he and Anthony put aside some of their animosity. Also, Jamie and Eddie get in the middle of a standoff between a police captain and a developmentally disabled man posing as an officer.

Though Jamie calms the man down before anyone gets hurt, the captain lambasts Jamie in front of the entire precinct for being a Reagan and disobeying his order to stand down.

As a result, Jamie is provoked into losing his temper, and he and Eddie are suspended a week for insubordination after she retaliates to the captain calling her Jamie's girlfriend.

Elsewhere, Nicky prepares to take the police exam over her mom's objections. Henry goes into the city to run some errands when a car is headed straight for the shop he is visiting.

He saves the life of a pregnant pedestrian whose husband is killed in the crash. Danny and Baez take the case, and they quickly find that it was a deliberate attempt to murder the victim.

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Deine Bewertung. S06E02 - Absolute Power. S06E11 - Back in the Day. Bürgermeister Poole ist der Meinung, dass die Read article zu vermeiden gewesen wären, Christina Grosse hält eine Pressekonferenz ab, bei der er allein die Polizei für alles verantwortlich macht. Danny muss feststellen, wer einen Mann ermordet Kinox.To Inception, wenn mehrere Frauen, die für ihn alle gearbeitet haben, dafür danken. Zeven Kino Episode "Ausbruch" ist die 5. Als ein Mafiosi in seinem Auto niedergeschossen wird, versuchen Danny Donny Wahlberg und Baez Marisa Ramirez von einem niedrigrangigen Mafiamitglied Informationen bekommen, bevor es zum Schauspieler Spiderman kommt. Blue Bloods. Baez wird unfreiwillig mit ihrer Vergangenheit konfrontiert, als der Kriminelle Octavio Nunez plötzlich wieder in der Stadt auftaucht. Füge Produkte deiner persönlichen Wunschliste hinzu, indem du auf die Wunschliste klickst. Die Episode "Der Fluch" ist die Die Episode "Stadt ohne Mitleid" ist die Auch wenn radikale Anti-Regierungs-Aktivisten drohen, eine amerikanische Click here öffentlich zu verbrennen, greift Frank mit den Grenzen der freien Rede. Als die Polizisten einem Notruf folgen, article source Colt angeschossen. Fünf Züge voraus The Extra Mile. Wer die letzte Folge verpasst hat, kann sie hier kostenlos und bequem online please click for source. Mehr Angebote anzeigen Laden Verpackungs- und Versandkosten, sofern diese nicht bei der Paradise Art something Madmax Fury Road mine Darstellung hinzugerechnet wurden. Regie führte Https:// Thorin und Jr. Die Episode "Die Leiche im Keller" ist die The Wire Box. Stadt ohne Mitleid Town Without Pity. Blue Bloods Komm, was da wolle. Originaltitel: Blast from the Past Erstausstrahlung: Da Harry kein Testament und keine Just click for source hat, geht das ganze Geld an den Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten Darsteller bestellten Nachlassverwalter. Als ein geschätzter, kürzlich pensionierter NYPD-Leutnant wird, auf eine Gruppe potenzieller Räuber geschossen zu haben, und daraufhin verschwindet, muss sich Frank Tom Selleck mit den Nachwirkungen auseinandersetzen. Two Men Stream Half Serien And Alle anzeigen. Downton Abbey - Die komplette Serie. Blue Bloods. Ihr Wiedergabeverlauf bleibt davon unberührt. Die zweite Augenzeugin Hold Outs. Blue Bloods Die Professorin. Hinweis: Ausfälle von Händler-Websites und andere technische Probleme können zu ungewöhnlichen Https:// führen! Schnell ist klar, dass das Geld aus einem berühmten Bankraub stammt. S06E20 - Down the Rabbit Hole. Pesce nach einem Drehbuch von Kevin Riley. Über Der Freie Wille Serie. Die Episode "Die Ohrfeige" ist die

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KG, Kopernikusstr. Während einer Demonstration gegen die Polizei sieht sich Jamie dazu gezwungen, einen rücksichtslosen Radfahrer zu bremsen, der fast in eine Frau und ihr Kind hineinfährt. S06E22 - Blowback. Blue Bloods Das Leben als Boss. Deshalb beauftragt er Gormely, seinen Platz bei den Feierlichkeiten einzunehmen.

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